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About Santa Fe / Arts & Culture

Santa Fe, Arts & CultureSanta Fe is a cultural epicenter that celebrated its 400 th anniversary as a city in 2010. Our beautiful city rivals any in the USA and the world in its cultural and historical profundity. From our world-class music and performing arts such as the opera, chamber and chorale music, to our delectable and original restaurants and unique lodgings, our abundance of fascinating historical and holy sites of global import and art of every ilk on the storied Canyon Road. We really do have it all! And, best of all, it is steeped in a small town, walk-to- the-plaza atmosphere.

Whether you are enjoying music and dancing to local musicians on a summer evening, joining in with the traditional Posadas at Christmas, lighting a farolito for a loved one each year, shopping for Native American handicrafts under the Palace of the Governor’s portal or enjoying a family ice cream outing after viewing the Desfile de los Ninos at Fiesta; the Plaza is the heart of our town. The combination of our three cultures – Native American, Spanish and Anglo, create a unique foundation that is the underpinning of our worldview and our cityscape – truly allowing us to be “The City Different”!

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